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mardi 3 janvier 2012


WEDNESDAY THE 4 TH JANUARY I am going back to work and honestly I don't want too but i need the money at the end of the month to pay my bills, So....
It is true that i got 2 weeks holiday, the advantage to work in a school but i really need more few days because this week end I am going to France to see my parents.

And i couldn't do it during the holidays cause with all this christmas shopping, I was broke; I am going by coach and it's going to take me between 7 and 9 hours-YES-
and the same amount of hours to come back; So i am going to have more than 14 hours spend in coach-YES AGAIN- It is depressing BUT I HAVE TO. I HAVEN'T SEEN MY PARENTS FOR ABOUT 5 YEARS, WE ALWAYS TALKED ON THE PHONE EVRY WEEK.They live most of the time in Cameroon;

Because all this week i will be busy; i made a very quick hairstyle that doesn't need to carry a lot of products with me; I hate excessive and heavy luggages; When i am travelling i always carry natural shea butter AND BABY OIL with me. First because it is the only PRODUCT my face like without giving me spots;I HAVE A VERY OILY SKIN AND THE BABY OIL it's for my entire body; I also put shea butter on my body but i didn't have enough now SO.....

After my wash and go which was easy to detangle with my cheaper conditioner; My sister made me some big twists that will keep during the all week; for the travel it willl be perfect and so for the maintenance;
I will write a future post about natural hair and traveling because in the lot of blogs people seems to complain about the difficulty to maintain their hair when some of their favourites product are not availables( especially the one who are going to a third world country ); IT IS VERY STRANGE TO ME.

After wash my hair with a gentle natural soap cause I never put shampoo on my hair i applied a mixture of coconut oil, jojoba oil, alma oil and castor oil

Then my sister made me this big twists, my hair shrank cause i just wash it; maybe i should blow out it a little bit to have some length. Need some advices;

I am going to keep it until the end of the week; Maybe i will do it again cause i need to put some moisture on it daily;

We do the same thing on my sister's hair;

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  1. Ugh -- Back to work. I need another 2 weeks off.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. If you what to blow out your hair try a very cool setting on your blow drier. I think that you could really rock an awesome twist out later this week. Don't worry about the shrinkage we all battle that. Have fun in France even though it will take you so long to get there.

  3. I see mini twists in your future. LOL. Then you wouldn't have to "worry" at all about traveling and natural hair. I just love the curls at the end of your twists. They are so cute!

  4. To JazzWife,
    I hope i could make smaller twists but my hair shrank so much i don't know if i will have the patience. I really need to try.Thank anyway.

  5. TO JenJen,
    This is what i plan to do next time. Thanks for the tips.

  6. To Bonnie,
    You are so right. But Thamk you to pay me a visit. I will visit you too, vey soon.

  7. Hello!! Tu as été tagué sur mon blog! :)

  8. I like so much what you do here. Great job.

  9. TO Clara Turbay,

    Thank you for the compliment and the visit;

  10. TO beauty-brown,

    Merci beaucoup pour l'honneur que tu me fais; A Plus;

  11. J'aime bien la texture de tes cheveux, ils ont l'air si doux et facile à manipuler :)


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