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vendredi 16 mars 2012


HOW MANY OF YOU have watched the "PHONY KONY VIDEO" ? THE ONLY true statements in this film was that INTERNET REALLY connect people AND JOSEPH KONY is a dangerous criminel who must respond of his crimes; BUT THE BIGGEST AND INSULTING LIE was the idea that the child soldiers of Uganda were INVISIBLE but they became VISIBLE WHEN this NGO ( Invisible Children) pay attention to them; THIS RACIST IDEA who makes A black person or a non White to be consider worthy or A real Human unless A WHITE PERSON ACKNOLEDGES YOU IS VERY DISTURBING. AND IT GOES WITH THE FACT THAT they represent you all over the media like it wasn't enough to have suffer they need to take from you THE ONLY THING who can makes you appear " a real human" YOUR VOICE; THIS CONCEPT OF INVISIBILITY IS LINKED WITH INSTITUTIONAL AND CULTURAL RACISM. It brings me to BRAZIL especially BLACK BRAZILIANS. I don't know if people are familiar with TELENOVELAS (latin version of Soap Opera); it is WHITE WHITE EVRYWHERE despite the fact that half of the population is Brown and Black in appearance; In a recent official brazilian survey 50% of people declared to be black which make white people a minority; It was a huge surprise when you know that in Brazil you can claim any ethnicity you want to be because a lot of people are mixed; I don't know if you remember in the 80's and 90's all the campaigns against Apartheid in South Africa; In the same time there was in 1992 THE RIO CONFERENCE about The Environment where A REAL APARTHEID WAS TAKING PLACE AND THE killing of the STREET HOMELESS CHILDREN ; IF BRAZIL SUCCEED TO GETS AWAY WITH IT is because of this concept of "RACIAL DEMOCRACY" that evrybody believed and Black famous brazilians who most of the time claim that RACISM DOES NOT EXIST IN BRAZIL !. YEAH! AND MAYBE also because of US (the others black) who never really take time to look deeply at BRAZIL; I INVITE YOU TO DISCOVER A BLOG "BLACK WOMAN OF BRAZIL" ( where you can have news about WHAT IS TO BE BLACK AND A WOMEN in BRAZIL TODAY. YOU will also have general news about Blacks Brazilians; ONE OF THE MOST DISTURBING FOR ME IS THE ATTEMPT BY THE BRAZILIAN NAVY TO EVICT THE DIRECT DESCENDANTS OF RUN AWAY/ FREE SLAVES WHO LIVES IN THEIR LAND SINCE MORE THAN 100 YEARS. THEY ARE CALLED "THE QUILOMBOS AND ARE SITUATED NEAR BAHIA. THE LINK IN ENGLISH THE LINK IN FRENCH SORRY FOR THE VIDEO IN PORTUGUES BUT YOU CAN GO TO THE WEBSITE ( so you will have more translations AND explanations; PLEASE PLEASE MAKE sure that this people OUR PEOPLE IN BRAZIL will never be "INVISIBLE" BY VISITING THE WEBSITE REGULARLY. IN CONCLUSION FOR ME NOBODY IS INVISIBLE ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE GOD, YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS. YOU MUST FEEL ALONE BUT YOUR ARE NOT INVISIBLE.

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