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mercredi 2 novembre 2011


Seventh Afro Hairstyles contest in Cali - Colombia

May 29 was held on the seventh contest Afro hairstyles Park Craft "Loma de la Cruz" in the city of Cali in Colombia.
The public could admire the ancestral heritage of African hairstyles, also known locally as the "too" or "trencitas", and have gradually become common in the population.
7 years, the Association of Afro-Colombian women AMAFRACOL organizing this event in order to make visible the African aesthetic as a form of resistance and an essential element of social and cultural fabric of Africa.
These hairstyles in addition to being a fine demonstration of African aesthetics are very important and significant because they played a fundamental role in the independence of some slaves as stated Eneyda Emilia Valencia, researcher, hairdresser and creator of contest "Tejiendo Esperanza" (hope Weaving)

"Historical research shows that the colonial period, black women sitting in the aisles of the houses spotted the landscape and on the heads of younger, they were developing hair whose shapes resembled the kinds of cards, by which they indicated the way forward, especially for older men, to escape. These maps were secret codes to plan the flight, indicating the position of rivers, trees, mountains and location of troops (hence the name given to the braids) so that Brown can escape and reach the freedom ".
The event also saw the presence of African women and African descent world-class visiting the city of Cali for the Second International Meeting of African Women in 2011 held from 1 to June 4
The level was very high for this year's competition with three categories: Coiffuree children, women hairstyles, hairstyles and men.
The winners are:

Hairstyles Children:

First Place: Nubia Orobio Cali-

Second Place: Rosa Emilia Segura - Buenaventura

Third place: Jack Canga Cali-

Hairstyle for women:

First Place: Yahaira Mina-Villa Rica

Second Place: Evelylde Villalobos-Villa Rica

Third Place: Córdoba Jineth - Condoto


First Place: Adriana Montenegro - Cali

Second Place: Maria Luz Dary Ortiz - Cali

Third Place: Tatyana Caga - Cali

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