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samedi 5 novembre 2011


WHEN It was all about PAIN and TEARS.
MY MUM, most of the time, was the only person who was doing my hair. SHE was against relaxers and hair salons because why pay so much money, when she could do it and at that time, in the early 70’s and 80’s (yes I am that old!) it was very expensive.
My nappy hair were kind soft and long reaching my shoulders but when my MUM was calling me to DO my Hair, I always started crying before she even touch my head. Because, I knew I will feel the pain during the brushing and the combing.
The worst part was during the washing process when my MUM brushed and combed with the shampoo, then she dried my hair with a towel which make it tangled more for brushing and combing it again more painfully. Well it was like hell on earth to me because I was screaming all the time.
The only part that I liked was when she put on my scalp the PENTO cream and threaded my hair, and I kept it for one week or more. Then the thread was taking off and my hair were soft and shiny (almost like they were relaxed).
Maybe because I was in FRANCE, I didn’t experience the nasty remarks about my hair, most of the time people (black and white) were amazed by my creative hairstyles. Of course because of the pain, I really wanted mine more straight. SO one day, my MUM decided to use the HOT COMB on my hair (the one we put on flame).


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  1. Most African children born in the 70's/80's have the same hair story. Yes I hated hair time. At some point my Dad asked that they cut it off to reduce the torture since I hated plaiting my hair. At least you liked thread. I HATED it!! There's this picture a relative took of me with 4 of my Aunts and my Mom trying to get my hair done...yes I was that I guess our mothers/Aunts didn't know what to do...or were just too busy to make hair time fun.

  2. Thanks for you comment I really appreciate your informations.

  3. As a child, I hated getting my hair washed because I knew that it would be followed by detangling and combing. It hurt so much that I howled with tears. I'd like to say that my mother was gentle but nope . . . and when I cried that made things worse. Sometimes she's spank me for crying, which, of course, made me cry even more. I hate getting my hair done. I couldn't wait to do it myself, which I began when I was about 12. I knew how not to hurt myself.

  4. AS you can see we share the same painful hair memories. BUT for me it was at 18 that I started to do my hair. God Bless


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